Why Install a Home Outdoor Gym?

  • No expensive gym membership or wasted time travelling
  • Train in peace and not under the scrutiny of others
  • No social distancing issues
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Easy to integrate with a busy work and family life
  • Maintain your physical as well as mental well-being
  • Benefit from training outside in the fresh air
  • Listen to the music you want!
  • Flexible modular design
  • Train at the same time as your children and watch them get fit as they play!
  • Set up your own business training people from your own home!

Get outdoors

Get fit

Get ExoFit!

We're happy to work with you on a design to suit your requirements.

There are several off the shelf designs but you can build a complete strength and fitness system that grows with your needs.

We can add children's climbing walls, climbing ropes, swings, hammocks and nest swings. We can even include a playhouse into your installation.

Install an outdoor gym and join the popular Calisthenics and CrossFit communities!

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Our products are proudly designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Northumberland, UK. We use the latest CAD modelling and laser cutting technologies in the construction of our metal products. Our design team have a keen interest in strength training and a passion for quality. Setting the bar high gives us the confidence that every product we make is over engineered to ensure a lifetime of use. Invest in quality and not inferior Far Eastern products!

Our Reviews


  • Calisthenics is a life long journey, and the possibilities are endless!
  • It enables you to maintain better form and reap postural benefits in real life
  • Calisthenics is non jarring and is kinder to your joints
  • It improves brain-body connection
  • No need for a lot of equipment
  • It hits every single muscle and can build serious strength
  • Suitable for all ages from kids to retirees!

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