Booking & installation

We offer free installation up to 50 miles from Aberdeen. If you are in need of an installation outside of this area, we will discuss this with you.

Once you have placed an order we will contact you to agree an installation date. To secure the booking we will require a £200 deposit. You will then be asked to fill in the pre installation questionnaire.

We also ask, if possible, for a short video showing footage of where the van will park, through to the installation area. The footage needs to show parking, access, and obstructions etc. We have a very large van and a lot of equipment/materials to unload.

Obviously larger installations will require a lengthier installation. The nature of the surface will also determine installation time. A grass or soil surface will be straightforward, whereas a paved or concreted surface will present further challenges, and incur an additional cost. Bad weather can also present unwelcome delays.

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