About Our Posts

We take care to ensure we source only the best quality timber, within a competitive price bracket. However, wood is a natural product and is subject to large changes in temperature and humidity when installed outside.

The posts we use are pre-treated, kiln dried, laminated Larch. These will be supplied to you coated with Remmers UV stable lacquer, and with any minor splits filled and sanded. Although more expensive, they are much more stable than rough sawn solid wood posts which will start to dry out as soon as they leave the timber merchant's yard and inevitably, cracks will start to appear after installation. Laminated timber is far less prone to splits and warping, but is still a natural product and it's appearance can change over time.

The timber used in the construction of commercial children's play equipment, and even to some extent, the structural timber used in house building is subject to splitting too.

Does this weaken the posts?

Although some might consider the splits or cracks unsightly, the structural integrity of the posts is not weakened by their appearance. Oak has been used in construction for centuries and splits readily.

Do I need to do anything?

No. Not unless you feel the cosmetic appearance bothers you. We recommend an annual coat of an oil based wood preservative. This should also be worked into any cracks. The posts we use are made from three layers of larch glued together under pressure. They are supplied to us kiln dried and treated. We then fill any imperfections with an epoxy based filler before sanding them and treating them with three coats of Remmers UV stable lacquer.

Please remember that whatever you do, it is possible that your posts will split. Some may even develop a slight warp, although this is much less likely with our glulam premium posts. This in no way shows defective materials and refunds can NOT be made after installation. Please do your own research if you feel you need to, but feel free to follow the links below.