You may wish to install your own outdoor gym.

Kits are supplied with everything you require to self install, except cement products.
In our experience cement products do not travel well and are subject to exposure to potential adverse weather. Courier charges will vary and will depend on the size and weight of the station purchased.

We recommend Hanson Postfix to secure the H shape post holders. A hole 600mm deep by 220mm square will require two bags of Postfix. If installing 4000mm posts, we'd recommend using 3 or 4 bags for an 800-900mm hole, depending on the substrate material.

Please refer to the Hanson website for further technical information click here

We recommend that the installer have a competent knowledge of DIY. Installation into grass or soil will be straightforward, whereas a paved or concreted surface will present further challenges.

Obviously these kits are heavy and will incur a delivery fee subject to weight. Whilst we make every effort to avoid damage in transit, please inspect for damage before you sign for acceptance of the delivery.

Please choose an option below. More kits will be available in the near future. We can also price your own design.